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Best Apple Watch bands 2021, the most beautiful to buy

The arrival of summer can be a good reason to choose something new among the best bands for the Apple Watch . Apple’s smartwatch continues to be one of the best-selling watches in the world, pulling with it a huge parallel market of accessories including charging stands, tempered glasses and even cameras to put on the wrist . But where it has really made it, even compared to the traditional watchmaking market, is on the side of customizing the straps . Here, too, the Apple has played a key role by providing hundreds of models, colors and customizations over the years to ensure that everyone finds the strap that best suits their needs.

But in addition to Tim Cook’s company , there have been collaborations with some of the most important fashion brands that have been able to enhance the smartwatch with straps of absolute value, so how to choose? It depends on the use for which we are buying it: better a more comfortable and silicone variant if we have to go for a run, or a leather model if we have a more elegant dinner. For this reason we have decided to select the 5 best Apple Watch bands to buy in 2021 , respecting all the dimensions of the smartwatch. 

You can find 4 different case sizes on the market – 38, 40, 42 and 44 mm – because the first models were available in 38 and 42 mm versions, while from Apple Watch Series 4 we have passed to a subdivision between 40 and 44 mm . So, the first thing to know, before buying the model, is that you have to refer to the right case size , even assuming that the smaller variants (38 and 40 mm) and the larger ones (42 and 44 mm) they are compatible with each other.


If you are looking for a metal strap that has a classic and elegant style , Tasikar offers you the more traditional metal link buckle with double locking in stainless steel. Good quality at a great price. Price: € 25.50 on Amazon .

Apple Solo Loop

One of the latest models launched by Apple features an extendable and uniform design , available in two materials: soft silicone and braided wire. Its main feature is that it consists of a single piece that wraps around the wrist made of soft silicone with a smooth and silky finish . There are 9 sizes that can fit your wrist , follow the directions on Apple’s website and find the right one for your size. Price: from 49 €.

Nike Sport

model particularly suitable for sportsmen : made of very light fluoroelastomer, it is also breathable thanks to the compression molded holes. Price: from 49 € .

Apple Loop in Milanese knit

Probably the most popular Apple Watch band and present since the very first launch in 2014. It is made of a comfortable steel mesh that makes it flexible and elegant at the same time, without giving a feeling of excessive heaviness on the wrist. Price: from 99 € .

Hermès Simple Tour Jumping

The collaboration with the French brand has been going on since the very first edition of the smartwatch. The latest collection launched the new Simple Tour Jumping, made with a new fabric with a lively texture, which immediately catches the eye. Available in five colors at a starting price of € 319 .

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