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Google is changing the rules for search engine selection on Android

Google ( alphabet C (ex Google) ) will no longer charge rival search engine providers for inclusion in a selection list on Android smartphones in Europe. In addition, the list is to be expanded from four to twelve services, as Google announced in a blog entry.

Google introduced the additional option for new registrations on devices with its Android 2019 operating system after the EU Commission accused the group of unfair competition. The commission was bothered by the fact that Google’s search app is preinstalled on the devices by default and that many users do not even get to consider competing providers.According to the solution that Google presented at the time, three competitors who win a bidding process are included in the selection in addition to their own search engine. They should indicate how much they would be willing to pay to Google if they were selected by the users. In Germany, Microsoft’s Bing as well as info.com and PrivacyWall are currently the Google alternatives offered. The process was partially criticized by competitors.

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As of September, none of the providers should have to pay anymore, Google emphasized on late Tuesday. The five most popular search engines – including Google – in a country should be displayed first in the list according to data from the analysis company Statcounter. Their order is randomly shuffled every time. The remaining seven places will be equipped with a selection of the remaining providers. There are also no special search engines for individual topics such as travel or price comparisons in the selection

Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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