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How to create personalized stickers directly in Whatsapp chat

The app is working on introducing an image editor that allows you to create custom stickers, without even leaving Whatsapp

The sticker on Whatsapp are always a great way to write chatting to friends and family in a more original way than usual. If you don’t have memojis on iOS , these different smileys are the best option for not always (and only) resorting to the classic emojis. In short, a third communication way that combines GIFs and emoticons to make jokes and give an extra ironic note to your chat or your groups. Not surprisingly, their introduction in 2018 was one of the most awaited features by users: but what if the stickers available for download do not fully satisfy us? Until now we had to use a third-party app to create our custom stickers- thus risking that Whatsapp would close our account for violation of the rules. Soon, however, it will be possible to do everything directly within the messaging app .

There will no longer be a need to rely on external services because the Menlo Park team is working on a real editor to be used within the application . Just choose the image you need, upload it to the image submission screen and convert it into a sticker, with the ability to crop it, rotate it, write text on it or apply an emoji. Once the sticker has been created, you can easily draw it from the list of other stickers present in the appropriate reference keyboard. At this moment, the development of the mechanism for Whatsapp Desktop is certain, while there are no confirmations on the arrival for iOS and Android.

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After launching photos and videos that disappear after the first viewing , therefore, Whatsapp continues on its path of improvement giving us the opportunity to give free rein to our creative verve. We do not know exactly when the new feature will be released and, considering the complexity of the editor, it is possible that it will have to face several weeks in the beta phase to have precise and timely feedback from the testers. But we are ready to welcome this new possibility with open arms.

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