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A high-tech gondola could be coming to a north Texas city

Anyone wanting more public transit options around DFW can look forward to it, as cities will soon start discussing the potential of implementing Google’s high-tech gondolas in congested areas around the Metroplex.

Although it was developed by the Google team in 2019, the team abandoned its creation and marketed it under the Swyft Cities company.

The company says its advanced cabin systems offer efficient, comfortable, and sustainable mobility and help reduce costs for locations such as real estate projects, universities, and airports.

The North Texas Regional Transportation Council will invite cities next week to vote for their busiest areas to build autonomous gondolas. These cities and the RTC will then work together to determine where in DFW to build the first Swyft City project.

The vehicle, unlike traditional gondolas, is self-propelled and has an advanced guidance system that the company says results in a faster ride.

The company says its gondolas combine autonomous cabins with a lightweight fixed-cable infrastructure that carries passengers at a lower cost and has fewer carbon emissions than traditional transportation alternatives.

Cable car stations are about the size of a traditional bus stop, says the Swift Cities website, which can be on the ground, elevated, or built on the top floor of a building. The cabin awaits passengers and immediately switches to fixed cable guides.

Taxis can go around bends, service multiple routes, and skip stops.

Swyft Cities says its project is cost-effective, reducing infrastructure costs by up to 20 times, with fewer materials used to reduce carbon emissions and everyday energy use.

It is unknown when or where they will be built if it is finally decided to bring the nacelles to north Texas.

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