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Meta is now offering blue ticks for sale on Facebook in some countries: check out the price

Meta has opened the waitlist for Meta Verified for Indian Instagram and Facebook accounts. Like Elon Musk’s Twitter, Meta now allows users to get a Blue Tick verification mark on their Meta accounts in the US, Australia, and New Zealand for a monthly fee of $14.99.

Following Twitter’s footsteps, Meta has introduced the option to purchase blue verification badges for Instagram and Facebook, allowing users to obtain the coveted blue tick on their profiles for a fee. This feature was launched in the US and was previously reserved for notable personalities. Instagram’s policy had previously limited blue ticks to individuals working in media, influencers, politicians, and celebrities.

Meta has launched its paid verification service in the US, allowing users to purchase blue checkmarks for their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The service costs $11.99 monthly on the web or $14.99 through a mobile app store, providing users with proactive impersonation protection, direct customer support, exclusive stickers, and 100 “Stars” per month on Facebook. The service targets creators who want to establish their authenticity on social media, protect their accounts from impersonation, and access additional features and support.

To obtain the blue tick, users must be 18 years old, submit a photo ID, and undergo a verification process. Changing profile or display names will require going through the verification process again. Existing verified users on Facebook and Instagram are not required to pay for Meta’s paid verification plan, but this may change if Meta decides to remove legacy accounts.

Benefits of Verified Account

The Meta verified subscription offers a verified badge and protection against impersonation attempts. Subscribers can expect real customer support instead of automated bots. The service aims to help influencers by increasing their visibility, expanding their reach, and promoting their content in people’s feeds, search results, and comments.

Enrollment steps

Users can now add themselves to the waitlist for a Meta Verified subscription. Upon approval, users will receive a notification for subscribing to the service. To qualify, users need a Facebook or Instagram account with a few posts and must be at least 18 years old. Applicants must also provide a government-issued ID that displays their name, age, and photo, which must match their account.

How to apply for meta-verified

To join the waitlist for Meta Verified, visit about.meta.com/technologies/meta-verified, select either Facebook or Instagram and log in to your account. Click the “Join the Waiting List” button to receive an email notification once your account is ready for verification.

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