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NASA identifies “goblins” and “elves” in Jupiter’s atmosphere

The NASA continues to surprise us with the revelations made through their social networks and official platform, where highlights several interesting findings.

Everything seems to indicate that NASA has a whole agenda planned for this month of October because during this last week the scientists of the space agency put themselves in Halloween mood after revealing the most terrifying sounds of space and now they affirm that there are “goblins” and ” elves ”in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere .

Shortly after NASA demonstrated that there is water on the Moon , the National Aeronautics and Space Administration revealed a surprising Transient Light Event (TLE) finding of unpredictable bright flashes of light that are extremely brief.

Information obtained from observing this illumination on the largest planet in the solar system was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets .

Most surprising of all, is that as revealed by NASA it is the first time that these phenomena have been observed in another world.

In addition to sharing the transmission of the Osiris-Rex spacecraft landing on the asteroid approaching Earth , NASA shared very valuable information about these phenomena that its scientists call “goblins” and “elves.

In our world, Transient Light Events are distinctive for their reddish color due to their interaction with nitrogen in the atmosphere, but on Jupiter , a planet that is made up mostly of hydrogen, they are likely to appear blue or pink.

“Now that we know what we are looking for, it will be easier to find them on Jupiter and on other planets. Comparing the goblins and elves on Jupiter with those on Earth will help us better understand electrical activity in planetary atmospheres, ” said Rohini S. Giles.

Likewise as part of its program of Halloween the NASA also shared some pictures and videos of other “expectrales beings” in his official account of Twitter and even made a list of the best science fiction films, according to NASA , which gave Spot on by backed by scientific evidence.

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