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Meta Shareholders Reject Content Moderation Inquiry in India

At Meta Platforms Inc.’s annual general meeting on May 31, shareholders voted against conducting an inquiry into content moderation practices in India. Proposal 7, titled ‘Assessing Allegations of Biased Operations in Meta’s Largest Market,’ was rejected during the meeting, which included the presence of Founder Mark Zuckerberg, senior executives, and members of Meta’s board.

Concerns Raised by Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting

During the Annual General Meeting, Meta addressed various shareholder concerns, encompassing a range of issues such as privacy, online abuse, human rights impact, and more. Among these concerns, the company faced inquiries specifically regarding political entanglement and content management biases in India.

Allegations of Biased Operations in Meta’s Largest Market

India, Meta’s largest market, drew significant attention due to allegations of biased operations. Shareholders sought overall accountability from the tech giant regarding hate speech dissemination, failure to address risks and political bias, and concerns about content moderation and transparency.

Meta’s Commitment to Human Rights and Integrity

In response to the shareholders’ proposal, Meta assured its commitment to upholding human rights, safety, and integrity worldwide, including in India. The company emphasized that it is actively addressing the concerns raised through ongoing efforts.

Meta’s Position on the Proposed Inquiry

Despite the allegations and shareholder concerns, Meta deemed the proposed inquiry unnecessary. The company asserted that it is already focused on addressing the raised issues and believes that the proposed inquiry would not provide additional benefits to shareholders. Meta remains committed to transparency and accountability in its operations in India and globally.

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