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Ultimate Travel Guide to Oman: Top 7 Places to Visit in 2023

Welcome to Oman, a fascinating country that is home to an array of breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and cultural treasures. Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a true gem of the Middle East, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern attractions. From the stunning beaches along the Arabian Sea to the majestic mountains, vast deserts, and rich cultural heritage, Oman has something to offer every traveler. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the top places to visit in Oman, including its vibrant capital city, ancient forts, historic sites, and natural wonders. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a thrill-seeker, Oman’s diverse landscape and rich heritage will surely captivate your senses. So, pack your bags, put on your explorer hat, and let’s discover the best that Oman has to offer!

7. Jebel Shams

Nestled at an altitude of just over 2000 meters, Jebel Shams Resort is an idyllic retreat located a stone’s throw away from the famous “Grand Canyon of Oman”. Offering spectacular views of Oman’s highest mountain at approximately 3000 meters, it is the perfect destination for mountain enthusiasts. A warm welcome awaits all weary travelers at this serene location, with the option to spend the night in one of our Arabic Rents or Chalets and stargaze under the starry night sky while enjoying a cozy campfire. During the day, adventurers can embark on delightful walks and treks suitable for all levels of fitness. For those looking to unwind, there’s a refreshing swimming pool and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains.

6. Nizwa

Located in the city of Nizwa, the 17th century Nizwa Fort is a remarkable historical landmark that is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Oman. The fort is renowned for its impressive defence mechanisms, including the infamous honey traps, strategically shaped windows, and an enormous cylindrical tower that was designed to keep approaching enemies at bay. Visitors can take a tour of the fort and marvel at its impressive architecture and engineering, which is a testament to the skill and ingenuity of its builders.

5. Wahiba Sands

Wahiba Sands is a vast desert region located in central Oman that stretches for over 200 kilometers. It is an incredible natural wonder that is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Oman, with towering sand dunes that rise up to 100 meters in height. Visitors to Wahiba Sands can experience the ultimate desert adventure by taking a camel trek across the vast expanses of sand, enjoying a thrilling dune bashing session in a 4×4 vehicle, or simply soaking in the peaceful atmosphere of the desert.

4. Bahla

Another incredible destination in Oman is the city of Bahla, located in Northern Oman. Bahla is a kind of oasis in the desert, and it has been a stopping point of travelers for centuries. Bahla is just 40 km (25 miles) from Nizwa, and it also boasts a spectacular and historic fort.

The Bahla Fort dates back to the 13th century, when it was widely under the control of the Banu Nebhan tribe. In addition to exploring the fort of Bahla, you can see the walls of the city, which are made from adobe and stretch for nearly seven miles in length. If you’re in the market for souvenirs, Bahla is widely known for its impressive selection of local pottery.

3. Salalah

In Southern Oman is Salalah, a destination sometimes known as the second city to Muscat. Salalah is particularly important today because it is the ancestral home to the Sultan Qaboos, the reigning sultan in Oman since 1970. On a visit to Salalah, you can admire the incredible Qaboos Palace, and you can appreciate older architecture in the Old Town, known as the Haffa.

Step even further back in time by visiting the Al Baleed Archaeological Site. Salalah is known for its frankincense trade, so be sure to pick some up as a souvenir from the souk in the Haffa. From June to August, monsoon clouds from India bring a constant rain to the area and, as a result, the coastal region around Salalah is transformed into a green oasis with seasonal waterfalls and streams.

2. Musandam Fjords

The Musandam Peninsula is the northernmost portion of Oman, and it is separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. Parts of this region are very isolated, and they have long served as the home to residents in mountain villages and coastal communities. The Musandam Fjords stretch north and offer spectacular views.

If you visit the Musandam Fjords, the highlights can include things like boat trips to explore the coasts and peaks rising up from the water, spotting dolphins from a Dhow, or traditional Omani boat, and scuba diving out at sea. Population is sparse and wildlife in abundant, making this region one of the best places to visit in Oman for nature lovers.

  1. Muscat

Muscat is a must-visit destination in Oman, offering a wealth of attractions and experiences. With its stunning forts, palaces, museums, and bustling markets, the city has something for everyone. Although the interior of the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace is off-limits to visitors, you can still marvel at its impressive architecture from the harbor.

The palace is guarded by the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, both of which have been transformed into museums that welcome tourists. For non-Muslim visitors, a visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a must. This majestic mosque boasts an enormous crystal chandelier, marble wall panels, and the world’s second-largest Persian carpet, making it a true sight to behold.

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