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    Gaming company Atari will release its own NFT tokens

    Renowned gaming company Atari is preparing to release its own collectible tokens (NFT) on the Atari Metaverse platform.

    Images, video and audio will be available as tokens. To issue tokens, Atari plans to use the services of Bondly Finance, which is known for the release of the NFT PolkaPets series, as well as the Bondly Collectible Card Game in the anime style.

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    Atari management hopes that collectible tokens will become one of the key parts of the Metaverse platform. According to Bondly Finance CEO Brandon Smith, content creators will be able to release NFTs on the platform and “distribute them to fans, so tokens will be a way to access new super-gaming experiences.” Specific NFT lineups will be announced in the coming weeks.

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    Users will be able to buy collectible tokens using Atari Tokens (ATRI), Bondly Tokens (BONDLY) and popular cryptocurrencies. As a reminder, Atari launched its token in November last year.

    Apparently, the news about plans to release NFT was positively received by the cryptocurrency community – the ATRI token rate has grown by 10% over the past day.

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