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French government may allow the country’s central bank to buy bitcoin

ARK Ecosystem President Francois Thoorens launched a petition in which he proposes to change the laws so that the Central Bank of France can buy bitcoin.

The petition, which has currently collected 322 signatures, proposes to change laws and regulations so that French government agencies, including the country’s central bank, can buy digital assets.

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The petition will be active until September 5, and if it gets the required number of signatures, it will be submitted to the French Senate. For the Central Bank of France to be able to buy digital assets, legislators will need to make many changes to the country’s legal acts.

Interestingly, the document has already been signed by Jean-Michel Mis, a member of the French National Assembly and an employee of the Legal Affairs Committee. Note that the petition has already passed the Senate approval for publication on the website.

If 100,000 signatures are received, the petition will be considered by the Conference Governance Council, which includes the President of the National Assembly, vice presidents, chairmen of standing committees and other prominent members of the National Assembly. Earlier, the President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde) said that the central banks of various countries are unlikely to buy bitcoin as a reserve currency.


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