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    IOTA 2.0 expected in 2021 – Testnet Nectar in the starting blocks

    Iota 1.5 should start in a few weeks. Now the Iota Foundation has released more information on the follow-up version Iota 2.0, also called Coordicide, in its April progress report. The second testnet, called Nectar, should therefore be ready soon. In the test environment, the application of a full-fledged decentralized Iota system with corresponding functions should be possible for the first time .

    IOTA 2.0 should be launched in 2021

    The developers are still targeting the year 2021 in their schedule. Thus, the much criticized coordinator, who takes on various control elements of the network as the central authority, is to be abolished this year. The first testnet called Pollen was launched in the summer of last year.

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    Nectar now wants to go one step further and provide a public test environment to receive feedback from users. These should report errors and also bring in their own suggestions as to what should be remunerated with various remuneration.

    Further developments lead to MIOTA price increases

    So far, the first testnet variant has proven to be quite successful. Individual errors and weaknesses occurred at various nodes in the network. The synchronization of all data movements did not always take place as desired.

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    Investors are watching the new developments with great interest. This year alone, the price of a MIOTA token was able to multiply and the tills of the IOTA wallets sounded. It went up from around $ 0.50 to almost two dollars. It seems quite conceivable that with further success reports and new developments, the all-time high of four US dollars could fall. This was last achieved in January 2018.

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