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Ledger now allows the use of FTX

The Ledger Live crypto wallet now allows the use of FTX to exchange cryptocurrencies. This update brings significant comfort to users combining a secure wallet with a centralized platform.

FTX and Ledger team up

Ledger, the brand recognized worldwide for its highly secure crypto wallets and the FTX exchange platform are joining forces to bring more convenience to their users. Thus, the Ledger Live application now offers the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies directly. In fact, it simply offers an option to connect to the FTX exchange platform in order to carry out such a transaction through your account.

Thanks to this novelty, it not only facilitates transactions, but also saves money while having optimal security. Indeed, you do not need to first send funds to FTX then make the exchange and then send everything back to your wallet. Here, everything happens through the Ledger Live application with just a few clicks.

You not only save time, but money. Here is an update that is likely to delight users! As a bonus, that’s over 120 different cryptos you can trade this way. There is also a combination of over 7000 different pairs.

Towards an essential ecosystem

Ledger is not only creating a powerful and very secure application for its users, but also thinking big. Indeed, the Ledger Connect extension was recently released for iOS and Safari. Still in beta, it will surely be available on more browsers in the future and plans, for example, to integrate Metamask management.

Similarly, the development of the clear signature is planned. Thanks to this new feature, it will prevent many scams. For example by validating a transaction without knowing with whom it is signed. This could result in a smart contract aimed at emptying the wallet.

The Ledger Live app doesn’t just stop at its partnership with FTX. It also offers other services in the Discover tab, allowing you to use ParaSwap, Alkemi or even 1inch.

Having such a successful ecosystem for both experts and beginners who may feel confused by all the information to consider is definitely an important step to democratize the cryptocurrency industry much more.

Ledger is, according to the CEO, Pascal Gauthier, around 20% of crypto fortunes who use their hardware. Renowned reliable and secure throughout the world. With Celsius’ setbacks, sales of a Ledger crypto wallet have increased.

Christopher Patillo
Christopher Patillo
Christopher Patillo is an accomplished writer and editor with a passion for exploring the intersections of technology, society, and culture. With a Master's degree in Journalism Patillo has contributed to various publications. His writing focuses on emerging trends in artificial intelligence, digital privacy, and the ethical implications of technology in everyday life. He is also involved in community outreach programs aimed at promoting media literacy among youth.

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