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Electric Cars: All US federal vehicles to be electrified

The US federal government’s fleet currently comprises around 645,000 vehicles. In the future, everyone should drive with an electric drive.

US President Joe Biden has announced that all vehicles of the US federal government are to be converted to electric drive. In a statement on his executive order to “Strengthen American Industry,” he said the US federal government has a huge fleet of vehicles that will be replaced by clean electric vehicles.

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Biden’s declaration does not provide a timetable for the changeover. The new vehicles will be made in the United States by US workers, Biden said. This would create a million jobs for autoworkers in clean energy and local zero-emission vehicles.

According to the General Services Administration responsible, the US federal fleet comprised 645,000 vehicles in the summer of 2020. For example, 51,000 are in use by the Department of Homeland Security, 47,000 are in the Department of Justice, and 31,000 are in the Home Office. The civil sector has around 246,000 vehicles and the military 173,000. In addition, there are 226,000 US Post cars.

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Buy American

In addition to clean energy, other priorities of “hundreds of billions of dollars” for investments will be biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and battery technology. The same amount of money is to flow into the modernization of the infrastructure. These and other measures would result in the greatest mobilization in procurement, infrastructure, research, and development since the Second World War.

Above all, Biden puts the motto: “Buy American.” So far it has been the case that at least 50 percent of the components of vehicles for the federal government have to be produced domestically. But there are loopholes that have become larger over time. Companies can have “less valuable parts” made in the US, while the engines, steel, or glass come from abroad. Biden wants to change this.

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