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Microsoft: is Bitcoin acceptance coming for Xbox users now?

The software giant Microsoft is preparing to expand its classic payment methods to include Bitcoin. It starts with a user survey.

Rising prices of cryptocurrencies and a large number of institutional investors are still attracting attention. The software giant Microsoft is apparently considering making payments in cryptocurrencies possible for the community of its consoles of the Xbox family. A screenshot of a survey can be seen on the social media platform Reddit , which relates to the payment options for Xbox additional content. The third question says: “Which of these other payment options would you like to use with Xbox?” In addition to a credit card, there is also the option of voting for Bitcoin.

However, it is not certain whether there will be direct integration by Microsoft in the near future. So far, Xbox players can pay in the German version of the Microsoft Store with direct debit, PayPal and the common debit and credit cards. Another option is to top up your credit using classic retail gift cards. The digital counterparts of these vouchers are of course also available in the relevant online shops.

Microsoft already pays royalties through blockchain

The detour via so-called key sellers is also very popular with numerous gamers. This key is the license code with which the game can be played and is significantly lower than the price that Microsoft charges for the original games. This saving is all the greater with older titles in particular. Microsoft has often drawn the annoyance of Xbox fans because the prices of older games have not been adjusted downwards either. However, buying these keys from unauthorizes official key sellers is also associated with a high risk, because you cannot be sure whether the game will actually run.

There has been a rendezvous between the Xbox and the blockchain. However, it was primarily about payments to the game developers and the administration of gaming rights. One possibility could therefore be to put an end to the illegitimate key-sellers.

It is by no means certain that Microsoft will actually accept payments via Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the survey that has just started is making waves in some user forums. Some complain in advance about the high transaction costs associated with Bitcoin. Well, even if the Xbox inventor goes out and allows payments via Bitcoin, it can hardly be assumed that other payment methods are no longer an option. 


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