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Top Cryptocurrencies with the highest growth potential Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Price Prediction

From 2020, we can expect an increase in the prices of cryptoassets not only due to the completion of the cycle of decline and internal factors, but also due to the arrival of classical investors on the market. The market will sooner or later reach its maturity, and the industry will continue its stable and constant development. With long-term investments, the current bitcoin price levels may be perceived as one of the most acceptable to enter, because the cryptocurrency bubble has almost completely blown away and the potential of the technology is still huge.

After some virtual currencies become securities, a new round of market development should be expected, which will make them accessible to retailers and provide a wide range of investment instruments for everyone. This can cause a real gold rush. The STO is supposed to eventually replace ICO entirely.

BitcoinThe world of cryptocurrencies cannot do without it – BTC is used as an entry / exit currency to this market, as a measure of value and as a base currency for trading.

XRPIt is one of the first successful applications of blockchain technology in the industry for which cryptocurrency was originally created, namely money transfers.

The more risky part of the portfolio can be directed to the purchase of tokens from companies that already have a finished product and a solid customer base, for example, the leader among crypto exchanges Binance (BNB) and the pioneer of security tokens Nexo (NEXO).

Crypto Alert: What Mistakes Crypto Investors Make

Research shows that over 40% of crypto investors are long-term investors or bitcoin holders. During the fall of the crypto market, many of these enthusiasts continue to keep their coins despite losses, which, according to investment experts, is not the right investment strategy. Following the buy-the-fall principle and investing in the market with no signs of rapid recovery are also emotion-based strategies. In addition, many cryptocurrency investors are often under pressure from public opinion. To avoid this, bitcoin investors need to regularly review their actions. Otherwise, investors will incorrectly assess the risks of their future decisions.

Cryptocurrency Investor Tips

Expect the emergence and rapid development of a number of new virtual currencies. To minimize risks, distribute investments among several coins.

There is information that Telegram, Google and Facebook are considering launching their own virtual currencies. The emergence of coins from these corporations may unpredictably change the value of many cryptocurrencies, but the total capitalization will definitely grow.

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