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    Who is behind the rise of BTC and the MicroStrategy game?

    MicroStrategy quickly burst into the life of the bitcoin industry last year when it began buying up the first cryptocurrency. What could be behind MicroStrategy’s big Bitcoin boost? Recently, the information space has exponentially increased the number of enthusiastic opinions regarding the “massive arrival of institutions” in Bitcoin. MicroStrategy, Tesla, Square became financial news headliners.

    The software provider and public company MicroStrategy acquired first with its own, and then with borrowed funds – 90 859 BTC. Many see this as a forward-looking bet on the scarce properties of bitcoin and praise Michael Saylor’s investment acumen.

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    MicroStrategy has become one of the largest leveraged buyers of bitcoin. Not even on the attracted capital, but on unsecured bills of exchange with yield tending to zero. The company itself is nothing more than a gasket for financial engineering and stock transactions of more serious individuals and companies, suggests Sergey Kalinin, a representative of the Kuna crypto exchange. Digging deeper reveals even more interesting details. These details suggest that we are dealing with a financial scheme, not an investment.

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    Who could pull off such a combination? To do this, take a look at MicroStrategy’s list of holders of securities. Among the main ones are the largest investment funds and banks: Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, JPMorgan, Kalinin notes.

    The machine is in action, the machine is well lubricated and working. According to Kalinin, MicroStrategy is just a shell in the interesting and professional work of the Wall Street Wolves and the crowd feeding around them, from purchased bloggers to Michael Sailor.

    “Knowing the creativity of American financiers, I am 100% sure that profits or losses from MicroStrategy shares, which now depend on bitcoin for the lion’s share, will be used for tax optimization,” Kalinin suggests.

    When optimizing, losses from investment activities can be used to offset profits in future or past periods.

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