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Bybit Exchange Launches Bitcoin Futures Contract in Beta

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has announced the launch of a beta version of its Bitcoin futures contract. This is a fixed-term contract and differs in that there is no general funding fee (FR) charged for perpetual contracts.

Futures contracts allow you to “buy and sell the underlying asset at a currently agreed price on a predetermined future date”. For the first time, Bybit will be able to trade contracts (BTCUS0625) with maturities until June 25, 2021. Then, on March 18, trading in the contract (BTCUSD0924) with maturity by September 24, 2021 will begin.

Futures contracts do not require a Funding Fee (FR), unlike the BTC / USD perpetual contracts, which can already be traded on Bybit.

Therefore, even if the FR rises due to high volatility, there is no need to worry about the wallet balance, which is an advantage when holding a position for a long period of time.

In addition, futures contracts are designed to be seamlessly used with perpetual contracts provided by Bybit.

In particular, the insurance fund (with a balance of 3,645 BTC as of March 3) is split with a perpetual contract, and a hedging mode is available that can hold a two-way position. In addition, the wallet can be split with a perpetual contract, allowing for a flexible strategy.

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