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How To Make Concrete In Minecraft – The Basics Of Making Decorative Concrete Structures

How to make concrete in Minecraft is one of the most asked questions by all the players. This game is the latest version of the popular treat ‘Lego’ and is based on the world of ‘Harry Potter’ as well. To create concrete, you require concrete and water first. Two basic ingredients are required to create concrete. But concrete powder isn’t easily available.

You have to create it using other materials like brick dust, cement dust and sand. After creating a mixture of the four pieces, place it on the top of the prepared frame where you want to put it. Now the next step is to build the structure and once done, the pattern of your concrete powder can be seen on the backside of the frame.

To know how to make concrete in minecraft, you will first of all have to know how the process of adding the cement to form concrete works. Place the eight pieces of colored concrete on the bottom of your frame. The two upper pieces are the same and the lower ones are of opposite colors. If you add more cement to the frame, the pattern will become evident. You may repeat this procedure until you have created the desired concrete pattern.

The next step that you should know how to make concrete in minecraft is how to use the colored concrete powder. The first step here is to turn the power on to your machine. You may also use the light or heat energy in your hands. Place the colored concrete powder on the bottom of your frame. Use your craft concrete powder.

You should also spread a layer of powder on the frame surface. Make sure that you cover each piece completely. This will help you secure the entire frame into place. This is also the time to work on the design.

The next step on how to make concrete in minecraft is to add the pattern to the concrete. Start with the large pieces and work your way slowly to the small ones. You will have to do this pattern over again. This is to create uniformity.

You should now add another layer of cement. Repeat the process from the sides but this time use the small ones. Continue alternating the colors of the cement until you reach the frame. The reason for doing this is to create a smooth finish to your concrete.

The last step on how to make concrete in minecraft is to allow it to dry. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Wait for it to dry completely before continuing with your project. You may also use finishing brushes to get the final result of perfect concrete.

There are two types of materials that you need when learning how to make concrete in minecraft. For this you will require cement and sand. The basic mixture that you will be using is one part cement to two parts sand. It is better if you use fine-grained sand so that the finish will be smooth and shiny. Remember that you should use rough sand because fine-grained sand can scratch concrete.

Now comes the fun part. You will need to create the frame for your structure. Use the wood frame that you have in your garage. You should paint it according to the design that you have. Remember that the color you will choose will be dependent on the design that you have chosen. If you want to add more details, then you can paint it with glossy colors.

For the next step on how to make concrete in minecraft, you will need to add the concrete mix to the bottom part of the frame. You should fill up the frame until it is nearly full. Then you should add the grout. Grout will help maintain the waterproof nature of concrete. It will also prevent dirt and stains from sticking on the surface of your home while it is being used.

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After that, you should let it dry for a few days. After the time frame is almost completed, you should start adding the finishing touches to your masterpiece – the concrete sculpture. You can use paints to make the designs more interesting or you can use cement and gravels to shape it.


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