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How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

You might probably be wondering how to make anvil in minecraft. To start with, the basic tool you will need is the anvil. You may actually get this from the start of your game. But if you do not find any in the beginning you should look for them since you can find it really easy by searching for “arel” and then “block”. This keystroke combination will tell you where to go or where to look for your anvil. When finding the block, you can also use the keyboard arrow keys to target your anvil.

Now that you have your anvil you should know how to use it in minecraft. To start off you need to right click on the anvil and select “Equipments”. Here you will see a brief description of your new anvil. You will then see the option of changing the enchantment of your anvil. The enchantments are as follows:

Enchantment #1-

You can use this enchantment to repair enchanted parts of your anvil in minecraft. To use this enchantment you need to look at the “Enchantments” tab in the settings. Underneath that you will see the enchantments and you should choose the one that says “Repair enchanted”. This enchantment will repair any part of your minecraft that has been damaged and unable to be repaired. The price of this enchantment is 10 coins. This enchantment cannot be placed on the same area with another.

Enchantment #2-

The second enchantment you can use for how to make an anvil in minecraft is called the “Crafted Essence”. To use the enchantment you have to find the item with the enchantments. In the enchantments tab you will find it under the “Enchantments” section. In the left pane of the enchantment menu you will find a button that says “Repair”. Now all you need to do is use this button to repair the part that needs fixing. You will receive the item that is used as the material for the repaired item at this point in time.

Enchantment #3-

You can also use the third enchantment for how to make an anvil in minecraft when you are trying to repair an identical item. To use this enchantment, you will need to locate the item that needs repairing and then hover over it with the cursor. You will then see an icon that allows you to pick the item up with your mouse. When you hover over the item and the cursor gets close to the item’s root ingredient you will see a drop down list appear below that. Use the arrow keys to pick up the identical item and place it in your equipped backpack to return it to its correct inventory.

Enchantment #4-

The fourth step is to use the fifth enchantment for how to make an anvil in minecraft for repairing identical items. To use this enchant you will need to locate the item that needs repairing. In the enchantment menu, look for the word “repair” and click on it. This will cause the menu to pop up. When the menu appears you will see three choices: use the normal option, select an identical item, or use the Enchantment wheel.

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The fifth step:

involved in how to make an anvil in minecraft with an XP lamp is to get the blue colored lamp. This is the last option and the one that causes the most confusion. The XP Lamp allows you to have a limited amount of time to apply an enchantment on an item before it breaks. If you are out of the lamp’s range when the item you want to enchant breaks, then it will not apply, and the game will tell you that something went wrong.

There are a number of other ways to complete the steps in how to make an anvil in minecraft, but these five are the most important. As stated before, enchantments are one of the most important parts to your character, so you should always use them whenever possible. Also, an anvil is much better at breaking things than it is at crafting, so using an enchantment whenever you can is critical to leveling your character up quickly. Lastly, do not use an enchanted anvil in situations where you know that you will be unable to break the object. These tips should help you get started on how to make an anvil in minecraft easily and quickly!


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