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How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft – Which Ones Are The Best?

If you’re looking for tips on how to tame a horse in minecraft, this article was written with you in mind. There are many things that you will want to keep in mind before you attempt to tame a horse. One of the first things to do is find a proper location to train the horse in. Horses can be quite stubborn at times and even if you have trained them in a professional environment, they may still be stubborn in your new home. So make sure that you find a place that the horse can relax and where it will not be disturbed.

Horse riding in Minecraft is easy, but sometimes it’s also not very fun.

You can’t just simply whip the horse into action like you could in a real life horse race. To tame a horse effectively, begin by locating a well behaved horse in a stable. Then breed it until it becomes docile.

You can then try to tame a horse in minecraft by using the command /tame. For example, to learn how to tame a horse in minecraft, type “tame” followed by the word “horse”. This should bring up all the horses in the game that you can ride. You will probably see a number of them that are available for riding.

Tame a horse by riding one of them and then placing the saddle next to the animal. To place the saddle, press the ‘A’ key while looking at an animal. The animals will briefly appear on the map and will move their heads to follow you. When you have a willing companion near the saddle, speak to them and mount them.

A great way to learn how to tame a horse in minecraft is to train one or two skeletons and use them as pets. There are many skeletons that are useful as pets. You should be able to find several of them in a variety of places. Some of them are in dark caves, while others can be found near ash drops and other items.

If you don’t want to use skeletons as your pets, there are some simple methods that will get you started. Horses will often become tame if you feed them while they are idle. Simply put food in their hoofs and stand near them. After feeding them, simply move closer and let the food drop into their troughs. Horses will become less likely to run away after you have trained them this way.

Another useful method for training horses is by using enchanted golden apples.

Use an apple on the saddle then add hay bales around the horse. When the horse becomes hungry, it will start to push the bales toward you. When it is near enough, switch to an apple and it will grab the ball and start riding along with it.

An extremely useful tip for training a mine-tamed horse is to get an enchanted saddle. You will notice that the horses will begin to move more nimbly when they are saddled with an enchanted saddle. This is because the enchantments make them fall more lightly, making them more stable and giving them better control. The saddles also make the horse more fun to ride since you will see hearts appear around it when it is tamed.

Horses can be tamed in a variety of ways depending on how you go about it. Some prefer to just let the mobs pass right by so they can earn more experience. This is a good strategy in the early levels, because there are many easier mobs to kill.

Another method is to ride the horse and use the saddle block.

The blocks will make the horse to walk forward but it won’t attack you. This is useful for farming items such as apples. There are many recipes for saddle blocks that you can find in vanilla. When you ride a horse with an enchanted saddle block, you can put the saddle in your inventory and simply pick it up when you want to ride again.

The fastest and best way to train your minecraft horse is through using mules. Mules will bring you horses to you. These horses can be saddled and used for battle. The great thing about using mules is you can get one at any tanning station. Once you have the mule, simply use it to bring a horse that is near your location to you.


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