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How to Cut a Pomegranate Tree

There are several steps that you need to take when learning how to cut a pomegranate tree.

  • The first step is to determine the correct measurements that will correspond with how much grape skin or pulp will be removed from the pomegranate.
  • The second step is to ensure that any pomegranate limbs that are left after cutting will be appropriately treated. This involves gently scraping the remaining flesh away until it is almost completely clear. Any residue should then be soaked in vinegar and thoroughly rinsed away.
  • The third step on how to cut a pomegranate tree begins with removing the seeds. The individual seeds should be placed in a bowl and covered with a damp piece of newspaper. Once they have been soaked in vinegar they can be reused.
  • The fourth and final step in how to cut a pomegranate tree starts with cutting away any excess skin. This is achieved by gently sliding the knife around the fruit’s edge until all the seed has been removed. It is important that all the skin is removed as otherwise the pomegranate will be difficult to cut up into pieces. Once this step has been completed, it is time to carefully remove any small pieces of the fruit that remains. This should be done without damaging the pomegranate itself.

Next the pomegranate should be safely stored in an airtight container. Any pomegranates left hanging on the tree after cutting can begin to sprout seeds which can result in a very unhealthy plant. Once the pomegranate has been properly stored, it should be ready to cut open. Care should be taken to carefully remove the seeds from the pomegranate without damaging the actual fruit. If the seeds are left on the pomegranate it could cause the plant to wilt. Once the seeds are removed, the pomegranate can be sliced into manageable pieces.

A wheel or knife can be used to slice the pomegranate into quarters. These should then be placed in a pan of boiling water to steam. Once prepared, they can be served. How to cut a pomegranate tree can be fun and interesting and it certainly pays to be sure that the pomegranate is safely stored before using it.

Learning how to cut a pomegranate tree is not that difficult. The basic steps are simply to take the pomegranate and turn it upside down. Then using a knife or a scissor, the upper edge of the pomegranate should be removed. Next, the seed pod should be removed. Any remaining seed pulp can be ground up by hand or by a grinder.

When learning how to cut a pomegranate tree, it is important to wear protective gloves so that the pomegranate does not accidentally break into pieces. It also helps to keep the pomegranate moist while it is being cut and prepared for eating. If desired size is desired, a knife with a serrated edge will suffice. When the pomegranate is ready, it can be placed in its box, secured with a rubber band, and stored in the freezer. This allows for easy picking up at mealstime.

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As with any fruit, pomegranates can be enjoyed raw, cut into wedges, and added to cocktails. They are rich in flavor and refreshing when served in juices. The pomegranate has been a popular gift item for generations and looks to continue to be so in years to come. Whether learning how to cut a pomegranate tree, or purchasing the actual fruit, this exotic berry is certain to become a favorite of every kitchen and dining room.

The how to cut a pomegranate tree begins with a basic knowledge of how they grow.

The pomegranate tree starts out as a small, white, seeded berry that contains little seed. The tree grows up to five meters high, producing a harvest of a hundred pounds per year. When mature, the berry is a dark purple in color with tiny black seeds.

One of the most common mistakes people make when learning how to cut a pomegranate tree is over-cutting the tree. This can often lead to the tree becoming unstable and falling. The best approach to take when deciding how to cut a pomegranate is to use a sharp pair of scissors. Hold the pomegranate firmly in one hand and with the other slowly cut down on the tip of the berry from the side away from the tree. Make sure you always hold the berry upright.

Another key to how to cut a pomegranate tree is using a sharp pair of shears. Hold the shears parallel to the branch on which you intend to cut, and slowly move it towards you. When you have reached the end of the branch, move the shears upwards. Remember to cut at an angle, as this makes the fruit drop to the floor more easily.


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