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How Long Does It Take For Facebook To Review Your Submission?

If you are an advertiser on Facebook and you are trying to get Facebook to promote your page as an authorized user, you may have noticed that once the approval process is complete, your page will be immediately deleted.

How long does it take Facebook to review your submission?

The answer depends on many factors. They are not all equally applicable so it’s best to keep reading to learn more about how long it takes Facebook to approve each individual profile you submit.

First of all, Facebook has a very complicated algorithm that they use to approve or deny a page. If you are familiar with how pages are ranked by search engines, you should see how similar this algorithm is. You can think of it as a ranking system for Facebook pages. There are a lot of factors that play into whether a page is ranked highly or poorly, so it makes sense to learn how the system works if you hope to use Facebook for marketing your business.

If you don’t know how long the review process takes, then you can forget about trying to submit your page in the near future. The process typically takes a few days. It may vary by Facebook and will almost certainly depend upon whether you submitted your page manually, used a third-party service, or used a PPC campaign to market your page. Each of these methods of submission will impact the amount of time it takes to get your page approved.

When you submit a page via a third-party method, you will likely experience a faster approval time. The reason is that the person or group who is approving the submissions is likely using some sort of algorithm to determine approval or denial. This means that they are comparing similar material that you have already submitted to similar groups or pages. If one of your pages has certain things that are similar to pages they’ve already approved, then they are more likely to approve your page. If you are submitting just a small amount, then you can probably do well on Facebook with a manual process. If you are submitting hundreds of different items per day, then you may want to consider using an automated service.

How long does it take for Facebook to review your submission is largely determined by how long it takes for your profile to get listed in the system. The more exposure that your profile gets, the longer it will take to make your way to the front page. The bottom line is that your listing is important to Facebook because it helps them build their user base. If someone has already shown interest in your page through a PPC campaign or other means, then your profile could be at a much higher position within a few hours of submission.

Once your page is listed on the front page, then it’s just a matter of generating as many fans and followers as possible. You have a specific amount of time before your content needs to be reviewed. If you haven’t done anything to promote your page since you submitted it, then that’s the time to start up a marketing campaign. Your promotion should include various ways to keep the attention of your fans. If your fan base becomes large enough that it begins to appear on the Newsfeed more frequently, then that will also have an impact on how long it takes for Facebook to list your page.

The length of time that it takes Facebook to list a page is largely determined by how long you’ve been in business.

The more time that you’ve operated your page, the more likely it is that you’ll get picked up sooner by the community. The only way to avoid this is to be constantly adding fresh content. As your page grows in size, you’re also increasing the likelihood of getting noticed. This is why some webmasters choose to submit their material to multiple directories, in order to spread the word about their page quickly.

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It should be noted that although you might have seen the recommendation that it takes longer for Facebook to approve a page, it really doesn’t have anything to do with how long it takes. The actual page promotion process is much faster than that. It’s simply a function of getting enough fans to your page and making sure that those fans are all of age. Any page that is under the age of eighteen is considered to be under a younger age group, which Facebook considers as a higher risk profile. For this reason, they look at whether or not the person has a valid email address.


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