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How To Earn Google Play Points

So you want to know how to earn Google Play Points?

You’ve heard about it from friends, seen it on the news or maybe you found a pay-per-play ad promoting it. Maybe you think you already know how it works and you’re ready to start. While there is a certain amount of luck involved with these free games, there are other ways to earn Google Play Points. Here are some tips on how to earn Google Play Points.

Playing a game is one way how to earn Google Play Points.

The only thing different about a game on Google than regular games is that it offers more free space for your name. When you are in a game, your icon will be flashing and you have three choices: continue playing, quit the game or click on the “My Points” link located at the bottom-right corner of the game page. Your account does not expire when you choose to quit a game. You can earn up to 25000 Play Points per month from these games.

Some of the other ways on how to earn Google Play Points are through search engine results. Every time someone searches for a specific game, you earn points. This is easy to do since most games list their highest paying websites right on their home pages. If you type in a search term related to the game you are currently playing, Google lists the websites with the highest paying games. This allows you to simply take these listings and email them to play companies so they can find out what the best payouts are.

Another great way on how to earn Google Play Points is through shopping.

When you click on the shopping cart icon, your game is now active. You may then choose to buy an item from the shopping cart menu. When you hit the buy button, your account earns Play Points. These points add up quickly because every time you make a purchase, your Play Money increases.

One of the coolest features on how to earn Google Play Points is being able to access coupons directly within the games themselves. The bottom line is that you never have to leave the app. This means that whenever a new offer comes along, you can redeem your points for prizes. It’s as simple as that and it makes the entire play experience worthwhile.

Now that you know how to earn Google Play Points, you can start collecting those Play Points. It’s that simple! All you need to do is choose an offer that fits your personal preferences and search the search engine. You should be able to see several results that fit the criteria that you set forth. When you’ve found an offer you would like to try, simply click the “Play” button and you’re all set to play!


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