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The end of WandaVision could be very different, especially for Agatha Harkness

If you’ve finished watching WandaVision , Agatha’s character may not quite fit you. This is the reason.

After endless Friday sessions enjoying the new chapters of WandaVision , the long-awaited end arrived. And, in addition to compressing an impressive amount of plot into a single chapter, it left more than one with a strange taste in their mouths.

The reason that did not quite fit us has a name and surname and those are Agatha Harkness. The witch, played by Kathryn Hahn, has ended up emerging as one of the coolest supervillains of our generation, the kind that you really like. And, with all the complexity of the final chapter of WandaVision , his character is a bit flat to us and gives the feeling of not being completely closed.

There’s a reason: Agatha Harkness was originally going to be much deeper. Although Agatha ends up taking responsibility for everything we see in the series in the chapter “Agatha all along” (Agatha from the beginning), her words in the last episode and the trip to Wanda’s mind that the two witches make together leave us a little misplaced.

This is how Agatha was going to be in WandaVision

In an interview for the Empire Magazine podcast, Joe Schaeffer, creator of WandaVision , explains why. At first, the possibility that Agatha functioned more as a mentor to Wanda than as a villain was considered. In fact, that’s the role he takes on in many comics. However, the ending had already been complicated enough without adding layers to Agatha’s character.

But even though she has been singled out as the bad guy , Schaeffer asks us to continue to see her as a background agent . Agatha manipulates Wanda, yes, but there is also some truth in what she says.

“She’s just messing it up, she’s not really responsible for anything. He does things with children and with Vision, and he has a bit of a bad idea, but most of the things he says to Wanda are true and correct, and he is right. Heroes don’t torture people, ”explains Schaeffer.

Aslo Read:

The objective of WandaVision , according to its creator, is to convey the great responsibility that powers like Wanda’s demands, and to reflect the emotional chaos in which the Scarlet Witch lives. “If we are not going to go the easy way and put a greater force, if we are going to give the gift of telling the story to Wanda, of giving her all the power, we must also give her all the blame and responsibility, ” he adds.

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