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WandaVision: Latest chapter, Ending and how it connects to the future of Marvel

WandaVision , the Disney + and Marvel phenomenon series , aired its last chapter a few days ago and has left some questions in the air, which have to do with its connection with the future of the franchise. 

WandaVision casts her latest spell claiming the emotional truth of her characters.

WandaVision has issued its latest chapter and has left us somewhat orphans. The Disney + and Marvel series ( titled Scarlet Witch and Vision in Spain for a matter of rights) has worked on many levels: as weekly entertainment, as a social phenomenon, as the most stimulating narrative experiment of the comic franchise, as a connection to the future of his universe …

However, it is impossible that a series of these characteristics, based on so many unknowns , does not leave questions in the air, some related to what is to come to Marvel, so we have proposed the not easy task of giving them an answer.

What has really happened in WandaVision?

It seems somewhat unnecessary to include this question, because we have invested so many weeks in something, but we have read so many fans saying that WandaVision does not count anything that does not hurt . The first Marvel series on Disney + addresses the different phases of Wanda’s grief over Vision’s death (s). The pain of loss unleashes such a powerful power in Maximoff that it generates a new reality where she is reunited with her partner and even have children.

Following her confrontation with Agatha Harkness , Wanda reaches the acceptance phase and dissolves the enchantment over Westview, saying goodbye to Vision and her children and freeing the townspeople.

How does the duel with Agatha Harkness end?

One of the most climactic moments in WandaVision is the final showdown between Wanda and Agatha Harkness . In episode 8, the woman we thought was Agnes is revealed to be one of the most enigmatic characters in the comics, who is actually a witch, and reveals to Maximoff her identity and powers as the Scarlet Witch. That is Wanda’s final conversion, in which she accepts the abilities that have led her to create that dangerous reality, and that she must learn to control.

But what is the real origin of Scarlet WitchIt is something that we will have to discover . The series points out that their powers may not come from the Mind Stone, as we believed, but from some previous event, linked or not with the original Marvel comic material.

What does the second post-credits scene mean?

The final sequence of WandaVision , the second post-credits scene , reunites us with Wanda in a cabin on a mountain that, according to Marvel experts, is Mount Wundagore, in Eastern Europe, near the protagonist’s native Sokovia. There we see her in a double plane: the real one, having a quiet tea, and the astral, dressed as a Scarlet Witch and brooding the Darkhold, the Book of the Damned, which she has taken from Harkness and which will allow her to master her powers.

This moment is a direct connection to Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Insanity . For months, we have known that this will be the movie that WandaVision will connect with , and here fans find the final reference. Wanda is projected onto the astral plane like Doctor Strange does. Remember that, in the final duel, Agatha tells Wanda that she is more powerful than the Supreme Sorcerer, one of the names used to refer, again, to the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

What happens to the children of Wanda and Vision?

One of the saddest scenes in the series is undoubtedly the farewell of Wanda and Vision’s children. Are they gone forever? Won’t we see them again? The second post-credits instalment leaves the door open, since Wanda, in her astral plane, hears the voices of Tommy and Billy asking for help, and that may be one of the keys to their appearance in Doctor Strange 2: locating the “soul Of the children, perhaps discovering their relationship with the Multiverse. The little ones, in fact, have their own history in the comics; it will be necessary to see if they are fulfilled in the movies.

So is White Vision now good?

We’ve seen Vision die twice, will there be a third? This was one of the questions asked by all WandaVision viewers , and the result was more surprising than we thought. The post-credits scene of episode 8 reveals that Wanda had not stolen the remains of Vision, but that Hayward was using them to create a new one, White Vision, who is the one who faces in the last chapter with the Vision created by Wanda.

In a moment of the duel, one of the most interesting of the episode, both Visions talk about the Ship of Theseus , a philosophical paradox that questions whether, when all its parts are replaced, it is still the same. It is a reflection on the nature of things, including the human condition itself.

In that little encounter, Wanda’s Vision transmits her memories to White Vision , and the latter then abandons the fight. We can say that this new Vision has stopped being belligerent to be good. We’ll see what happens to her.

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Who’s come looking for Monica Rambeau?

One of the great revelations of WandaVision is Monica Rambeau , who acquires her own powers after crossing the reality of Wanda on several occasions. She is the daughter of Maria Rambeau, whom we met in Captain Marvel, so part of her history in the series is related to this movie, and this scene, in particular, with the war between the Kree and Skrull. But who does the alien want to bring her to?

Fans of the franchise shuffle two theories: one points to Talos, General Skrull (Monica had an encounter with her daughter in Captain Marvel), and another to Nick Fury, whom in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From house we discover in space.

And Agatha Harkness? Will we see her again?

We end with our favourite character from WandaVision , Agatha Harkness , the witch who reveals to Wanda all her powers (even if she wants to take them away). After defeating her by showing that she knows how to better apply everything she has learned, Scarlet Witch condemns the villain to live forever as Agnes, the nosy neighbor, in the reality in which they met.

If we consider that Wanda has liberated Westview and its inhabitants, we understand that Agnes will be totally alone in this dimension of sitcom . We imagine that we will see her again: she is a regular character from the comics and a possible key for Wanda to master her skills.

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