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Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 5 is going to be talked about, so catch up now

The new trailer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier has not come to play. It looks like Sam and Bucky are going to go for that shield and if that means fighting Walker then so be it.

Audiences are loving every moment of Falcon and the Winter Soldier , and no wonder.

Not only is he teaching us characters like Zemo or Sharon with other lights, he also helps us understand how Sam and Bucky are psychologically after everything they have been through and thanks to John Walker and Karli Morgenthau fans have been faced with the dilemma to decide who is the true villain of the story (if there really is one) and consider that perhaps not everything is black or white.

If that were not enough, and Chapter l 4 Falcon and the Winter Soldier left us that final scene that has already become one of the most striking images of Marvel. We’re not going to say what it is exactly in case someone hasn’t seen it yet, but we all know what we’re talking about.What is clear to everyone is that the tension between the new Captain America and Sam and Bucky has reached its maximum peak , Falcon and The Winter Soldier are willing to stop his feet and according to the mid-season trailer, the clash it’s going to be strong.

No more letting Walker do his thing , no more accepting that the once Steve’s shield now belongs to someone who doesn’t really represent everything Steve stood for.It seems that Sam and Bucky are keen to take back their friend’s legacy and will do whatever it takes. But that’s not the only thing that awaits us in the last chapters of Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

According to Malcolm Spellman, writer of the series, Episode 5 will have the cameo of a very interesting character. He would like to see him alongside Thor, so theories that it could be Steve himself or someone we’ve already seen in previous movies seem wrong.

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The only thing we know about this cameo is that apparently he hardly appears in the series and that he has a very strong personality. Who will it be? Bets are accepted. Luckily we’ll know his name in a couple of days, so if you haven’t caught up with Falcon and The Winter Soldier , you’re already taking time.


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