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“The Stranger” on Netflix – that’s why you have to watch this series

If you believe the euphoric audience reactions on Twitter, “The Stranger” is one of those series that, once you start, you can’t stop watching.

Month after month, Netflix presents its subscribers with such a comprehensive and varied range of series and films – thrillers, comedies, Oscar winners, independent films and blockbusters – that it is difficult to keep track of them. So if you’ve never heard of “The Stranger”, one of the streaming provider’s best thriller series, don’t worry: Although the series from Great Britain appeared on Netflix in early 2020, many users have never heard of belongs to her. We’ll tell you why you should devote yourself to them now. 

“The Stranger” is a thriller series that captivates the viewer in front of the screen and turns on episode by episode as if his life depended on it. Just a few days after it appeared on the platform, thousands of Netflix users had already reported that they had finished watching it in just one weekend and couldn’t talk about anything else. (Also Read :Netflix: Now all subscribers have to pay more – with one exception)

What Makes the Netflix Series So Good?

The series is complex and tells many stories that are interconnected, so that many viewers even say that it is not enough just to see them once; some have started seeing them all over again, just to make sure they haven’t missed a thing and understood even the smallest detail.

Most of all, the great cast and story are praised by fans of the Netflix series, which makes you feel emotionally empathic with every single character, even the ones you don’t like that much. In fact, it seems that this is one of those rare series that brings back belief in television.

What is “The Stranger” about?

The series is based on the bestselling novel by author Harlan Coben and is about a man named Adam who one day discovers that his life and everything he has experienced up until then is not what it seems or what he is thought. Adam discovers that his wife and the mother of his two children are hiding a great secret that automatically changes everything he knows, feels, and thinks about them.

It all begins when a mysterious woman who calls herself “The Stranger” approaches Adam and offers him information that will lead him deeper into his wife’s secret life and place him in the midst of a conspiracy that will destroy his entire family could. (Also interesting: Netflix planning to enter the world of video games)

Who is in “The Stranger”?

Many familiar faces meet you in the British series, “The Hobbit” actor Richard Armitage plays Adam, the protagonist. Happy Valley and Downton Abbey actress Siobhan Finneran is another of the leading actresses. We also see “Ready Player One” and “Ant Man and the Wasp” actress Hannah John-Kamen, who plays the mysterious “Stranger” who ruins Adam’s life with a simple revelation. Jennifer Saunders, Anthony Head and Dervla Kirwan complete the cast.

What do the audience say?

The response from the audience has been very positive and many believe this series is the new big hit for Netflix. “The Stranger” is hotly debated on Twitter, one person writes that “The Stranger” is just as exciting as Netflix promised. “Great cast and every character is important to me. I haven’t been so excited about a new series in a long time.” 

Another viewer added, “I’m done. I didn’t really plan this. But I couldn’t stop. ‘The Stranger’ was incredibly bloody. Those cliffhangers were deadly.” A third person wrote, “Now I’ve seen 5 episodes of ‘The Stranger’ and it’s great and really binge worthy, if I didn’t have to work tomorrow I would do just that … Great job everyone!”

All 8 episodes of the series are available on Netflix , and it is known that if you’ve watched them all in one day, you’ll want more.

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