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Netflix Closes Fantastic Series ‘Far Away’ After Season 1

Netflix has decided to close after the first season of the fantasy series Far Away starring Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby). The company made this decision by comparing production costs to show views. 
In the story, astronauts from different parts of the Earth are sent on an important mission to Mars. However, there is a catch – if everything goes well, then travelers will have to part with their families for several years.
And if the expedition does not go according to plan, then this long period may increase. In addition, in the process of assigning the characters, different dangers await – both physical and moral.
The project premiered on Netflix on September 4.

Is Netflix Renewing Away For Season Two?

The short answer: no official word yet, but all signs point to yes. Since it landed on Netflix on September 4th, Away has rocketed into Netflix’s top ten lineup, even earning the coveted “#1 on Netflix” spot. The show’s immediate popularity suggests a speedy renewal, but official word has yet to come down from Netflix.

Andrew Hinderaker, Away’s creator, has no official news to share, but he sounded off about his ambitions for the future of the show, saying:

There’s no news to break in terms of whether we know that there will be future seasons, but the plan was always for a multi-season arc. The intention was always to start the first season and end the first season exactly how we did. But part of the reason the show is called Away is we were always interested in that journey, and what happens when they go home. There’s this phenomenon among astronauts, it’s so fascinating, where home becomes space, and they feel away back home. And, of course, that’s amplified in a mission to Mars where you’ve been gone for three years. You literally are different people when you come back.

If Away Is Renewed, When Will Season Two Hit Netflix?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to throw a wrench into the film and television production process, it’s difficult to predict when anything will hit Netflix. Yet Decider has given it a go, connecting the dots from the first season’s production process to the hypothetical production of a second season. The first season of Away was in production from August 2019 to February 2020, meaning that Netflix needed a full year from when cameras began rolling to bring the show to television. By that logic, fall 2021 is the earliest we could see Away Season Two.

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