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Prada launches new Time Capsule: you can only buy this sweater for 24 hours

Prada is continuing its popular Time Capsule: this year, instead of shirts, the focus is on knitwear pieces. Everything about the limited cardigans and sweaters can be found here.

2021 started with good news for fashion fans: Prada is continuing its popular Time Capsule and is therefore launching a new, exclusive piece on the first Thursday of each month at 3 p.m. (CET) this year, which will only be available online for 24 hours. While last year everything revolved around shirts, this year’s Time Capsule focuses on knitwear pieces. All pictures and information about the current drops can be found here.

Why the pieces of the Prada Time Capsule are real collector’s items

Experience has shown that the drops of the Prada Time Capsule are real collector’s items. They are not only strictly limited, but also come with special packaging and a serial number. While the next release is already waiting for us on April 1st, you will find all information and pictures about the current drop and the previous (and unfortunately already out of stock) editions here.

Prada Time Capsule March:

The March drop couldn’t be better. Because the new sweater in the Time Capsule range literally screams for spring. In addition to a design with yellow block stripes, most of the sweater features an iconic Hawaiian print of the brand. As with the previous designs, a logo can be seen on the chest and the time code for the March release can be found on the back.

Prada Time Capsule February:

Second round at Prada Time Capsule 2021. And in February everything will be all about retro knitwear – one of the big trends of the year, by the way. The loose sweater mixes several patterns and elements into one look and impresses in particular with the striking V-neckline, which is emphasized by yellow and black XXL stripes. While one of the many different Prada logos was affixed again on the chest, a large triangle with the time code for the February edition can be seen on the back. A constant for all drops this year.

Prada Time Capsule January:

It all started with a cardigan with a striking, geometric jacquard pattern and vintage silhouette. The piece made of fine wool comes in a unisex fit, with a zipper and the corresponding time code “01-21” on the back.

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