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The world’s first artistic skyscraper is about to be built in Dubai

It will be in the shape of artist Zygo’s iconic clothespin, and will also be the largest artwork ever made

Dubai , the city of records, is about to add a new record to its long list : after the tallest skyscraper in the world which is the Burj Khalifa (829 meters high), the largest mall by number of shops, or Dubai Mall with its 1200 windows, and the most luxurious hotel, the 7-star Burj Al Arab , is also about to arrive the first artistic skyscraper ever built and the largest work of art in the world . It will be the Clothespin Tower : a 40-storey building 350 meters high with the shape of the iconic clothespin by Israeli artist Zygo .

Two similar separate halves that come together , like a perfect union of previously separated souls: the clothespin of Zygo is born as a symbol of love, peace and hope. After having represented it for years in the form of a painting or sculpture, together with the entrepreneur Jacob Shpigel , the artist has also decided to transform it into a skyscraper to make it a universal symbol, a building with an emotional meaning . The ambition of the two is to take the project all over the world, but the first place where it was started and where the search for financiers is proceeding at full speed (and with the road paved) is precisely Dubai.
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The interiors will follow the concept of complementarity of the clothespin : the skyscraper was designed to be a small perfect world, in which there is everything. On the one hand 300 luxury apartments, on the other a mammoth but wonderful hotel with 1200 rooms decorated by artists . the Clothespin Tower will also have 10,000 square meters of space for commercial use where there will be high fashion boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, gyms and spas. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2023.

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