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7 Reasons To Travel To The Maldives During The Coronavirus Pandemic

2021 is the time of deliberate travel. And the choice of location for recreation should also be approached consciously. Why is the Maldives suitable for a pandemic vacation?

In 2020, we were practically deprived of the opportunity to travel. In 2021, difficulties with moving around the world continue to persist, but some countries are cautiously opening their borders to tourists. One way or another, this year every journey becomes conscious. And this is one of the global wellness trends that will be relevant in the coming months (at least). We no longer run in an endless search for emotions and impressions. We have slowed down and our health and safety is the top priority. If earlier it was easy to fly away on a mini-trip for the weekend, now you have to plan your vacation in advance. And carefully choose the direction so as not to be disappointed and not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Why is the Maldives the destination that meets the highest demands and expectations, even during a pandemic?

Direct flight 

The choice of destinations where you can fly on vacation today is still severely limited due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, you need to get to some locations with a transfer, which greatly increases the travel time and complicates the task. The capital of the Maldives, the city of Male, can be reached from Moscow by a direct Aeroflot flight. Another option is a flight to the Emirates Maldives with a convenient connection in Dubai. The airport of this city is so comfortable that passing 3-4 hours here is not a problem at all, but an additional adventure.

A humane deadline for passing a PCR test 

In order to get to the Maldives, travelers need to take a PCR test 96 hours before arriving in the country. This is significantly more than the allotted for a similar procedure by the Turkish authorities (72 hours) or Serbia (48 hours). Accordingly, you will have a wider choice of laboratories, and the price of the test will be slightly lower.

Large selection of hotels  

The Maldives has traditionally been associated with romantic getaways and honeymoons. But this idea has long been no more than a stereotype. Today, groups of friends and families with children fly to the islands. There are hotels in the Maldives for every type of holiday and the choice is truly impressive. For example, at the Seaside Finolhu hotel neither couples in love nor young guests will get bored. There is a spacious playground and attentive animators who are always ready to look after the children. Another advantage is the Russian-speaking staff. Restaurants with a variety of cuisine are waiting for adults – from Arabian (Arabian Grill) to Japanese (Kanusan). Alternatively, the chef can arrange a private dinner right on the beach. The picture is complemented by a spacious swimming pool, endless white beaches and evening shows. On Thursdays, guests have a White Party where they can meet the hotel managers, learn a lot about Baa Atoll, where the resort is located, and exchange experiences with other guests. A great excuse to skip your white outfits!

Diverse leisure activities 

The Maldives are renowned for their rich underwater life. Here you can go diving or snorkeling, looking at colorful fish, turtles, stingrays and other marine life for a long time. On the islands, you can easily master water sports, such as kayaking or jet skiing. Looking for privacy and romance? A sunset cruise is a great choice. Chances of meeting adorable dolphins! Yoga trainings and meditation courses in the Maldives are conducted by leading coaches from around the world. And, of course, contemplation. It is difficult to imagine anything more peaceful than the luxurious Maldivian landscapes.


Safety and relaxation 

During a pandemic, we all dream of a safe holiday. And it is difficult to think of a more suitable place for this than the Maldives. After all, resort hotels occupy the entire islands here. Guests of some of them are tested before check-in: express or PCR, depending on the rules of the resort. This provides additional assurance that everyone around you is completely healthy. At the same time, the Maldives is an ideal place for those who want to forget about the pandemic for a while

On the territory of most resorts, guests do not need to constantly observe the mask regime. For example, at Seaside Finolhu, travelers are free to move around the property and enjoy a la carte restaurants. All you need is to pass thermometry at the entrance. The mask is required only in a restaurant with a buffet system. At the same time, all hotel staff are required to wear personal protective equipment, even on the street. By the way, the resort places a special emphasis on caring for the environment. For used masks, special containers are installed here. You won’t find plastic water bottles either: only glass ones.

Spa and wellness 

Perhaps the best spa specialists in the world work in the Maldives. Here you can undergo an effective wellness procedure or strengthen your immune system with a massage. Fehi Spa resembles a garden of Eden surrounded by greenery. There are two saunas here: Finnish and steam. They are available to guests completely free of charge. Lovers can go for a steam procedure, and those who do not refuse perfect styling, even at the resort, can sign up to a creative stylist. Fehi Spa specialists will help you harmonize your mind and body . Isn’t that why we go on vacation?

Comfortable air and water temperature  

The Maldives is not only about beautiful beaches with a dream photo shoot. It is also a very comfortable environment for relaxation. From the end of November to the beginning of May, stable weather sets in here, rains do not happen too often. The air temperature is kept at around 28-30C, while it does not get colder even at night. You will not want to get out of the turquoise water, the temperature of which is approaching 29C. Just don’t forget your sunscreen: the sun in the Maldives is very insidious. By the way, about the photo session: the services of a professional photographer are available to the guests of Seaside Finolhu. One hour is completely free.

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