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Forex Trading Guide 2021: Juku Bulaeng Trading System

The Juku Bulaeng Trading System can work with various instruments of the Forex market, that is, it is multicurrency. The developers of this system recommend using it on a fifteen minute timeframe.

This strategy uses a fairly significant number of technical indicators, and some of them are not classic, which is a completely positive factor. The indicators used are as follows:

1. The BE Clock indicator is quite interesting and you can use it to find out how much time is left until the last candle closes.

2. Stochastic Crossing with the settings of parameters 14,5,5,3,1 is used to determine the point of intersection of the lines of the Stochastic Oscillator.

3. Sessions indicator. This indicator shows the best technical areas for trading.

4. Pivots Daily 1. It is used to determine the entry points to transactions.

5. An indicator called Williams’ Percent Rage.

6. HMA 4 with parameter settings 20,0,3,0 is used to determine the direction of the trend.

7. MarketPrice W1 indicator shows several different values. Among them are the average daily price, the current value of the instrument price, as well as the obtained profit or loss.

8. Stochastic Oscillator with settings 14,5,5 can be used to find entry points.

9. The MTF Stochastic indicator at 9,5,5,3,1 on the M30 shows if there is a trend movement on a thirty-minute timeframe.

The conditions under which the signals for opening deals are generated are as follows.

When opening a short position:

1. The Stochastic Crossing indicator should show a sell signal.

2. The НМА4 indicator should be displayed in the same color as the Stochastic Crossing indicator. In this case, both indicators must have the same direction of movement.

3. The values ​​of at least three MTF Stochastic indicators must have the same direction of movement as the Stochastic Crossing.

4. Williams’ Percent Rage must either be on the line showing level 90 or must be above it.

Exit from a trade is carried out if the price reaches the Daily Pivots levels, or a stop-loss order limiting losses, which is recommended to be set at 50 points.

When opening a long position, the following rules must be met:

1. The Stochastic Crossing indicator should show a signal of the beginning of an upward movement.

2. The НМА4 indicator should be directed in the same direction as the Stochastic Crossing indicator. Its color, however, should be blue.

3. As in the previous case, the three MTF Stochastic indicators should move in the same direction as the Stochastic Crossing indicator.

4. The Williams’ Percent Rage should be on the line that shows level 10 or above it.

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