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    Forex Trading Guide 2021: Scalping by PSAR and MACD indicators

    This strategy looks quite simple, however, the strategy works and is successfully used by many traders who prefer pipsing forex strategies. The strategy uses only 2 indicators with standard parameters: MACD-combo (settings 12,26,9) and Parabolic PSAR.

    We open trading positions when the signals of both forex indicators match. Signals are taken into account only if they coincide within the first three bars after the appearance of the Parabolic Point (PSAR)!

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    If the MACD signal appeared first, then the position is opened using a pending order placed at the current point of the parabolic. You can also open positions when the parabolic gave a signal before the MACD signal appeared.

    The desired time interval for trading is 30 minutes, but use the strategy on intervals of 15 minutes.

    The profit is fixed at 10-30 points. It is recommended to set a stop loss below or above the close of the previous candle.


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