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5 easy exercises to strengthen your thighs

If your goal is to have beautiful, muscular and firm thighs, we offer you 5 perfect exercises to achieve the desired result.

If men think to muscles primarily the arms, chest , abs, or the back , there is no reason to neglect the thighs either. Here are five simple exercises to do at home to stay in shape, even in times of confinement . 



A great fitness classic , ideal for strengthening the thighs and buttocks. The object of the game is to pretend you are going to sit down, push your butt back, then get up. The back should be straight. The knees should not go forward. If they go further than your feet, that’s a bad position. To make the exercise more difficult, you can add weights to your shoulders. If you are athletic, you can do 100 squats per workout, by splitting them. Don’t do them all at once.

Single Leg Hip Raise

Or in good French: lifting the hips with one leg. Lying on your back, bend one leg and keep the other straight. Pushing off the heel of the bent leg, lift your buttocks. You must keep the raised foot, knee and shoulder alignment for the exercise to be done properly.


Lying on your back, bring your feet towards your buttocks to bend your knees. Pushing off the heels, lift the buttocks so that the shoulders, hips and knees are aligned. The exercise should be done slowly 20 times, then quickly 20 times as well.


One leg forward, the other back, keep your back straight. Descend so that the knee of the back leg touches the ground and come back up. 20 repetitions per leg.

Jump Squats

Get into a squat position (as seen above). When you are at the bottom, push off the heels to jump. Land so that you return to a squat position. 15 repetitions per session to start.

Do not hesitate to vary the exercises and not to do these five all at once. The soreness may be painful.

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