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Fitness Myths: Do Sit-ups Really Bring the Perfect Six Pack?

Many statements about the topic of fitness have crept into our consciousness – many of them are not true at all. We have honest answers from a fitness expert on the 5 biggest fitness myths.

Freeletics expert Nick Freer explains what is really behind some of the fitness myths.

Some fitness myths have burned themselves into our brain and we have been following these statements carved in stone for years in our work-out . And then ask us why the desired training success is missing despite all the hard work and sweat. The reason: Many of these fitness statements that we have internalized so simply are no longer true. Nick Freer, former professional basketball player and Freeletics expert , sheds light on the jungle of myths and clears up the five biggest fitness lies.

Fitness myths: longer is always better

You also remember the times when it was always said: Less than 30 minutes is not a sensible exercise, as fat burning does not start until then at the earliest? That’s plain and simple nonsense – says the expert. There are now enough studies that show that the length of the training is not important.

In fact, the opposite is the case: three shorter HIIT sessions per week burn as many calories as five cardio units of 60 minutes each! And even more: The muscle growth with the three HITT sessions is just as high as the muscle gain with five cardio units.

Fitness myths: No muscle building with bodyweight training

Bodyweight training , i.e. workouts that do completely without weights and only train against your own body weight, are super practical. You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership and you can train anytime and anywhere – whether at home, in the park or on vacation on the beach.

However, there is a popular misconception that bodyweight exercises are less intense because you don’t see large weights being carried or pushed around. However, this is wrong. The math is simple: muscles grow when they have to work against resistance. Whether this is generated by your own body or with dumbbells makes no difference in terms of effectiveness.

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Fitness Myths: Sit-ups Make the Perfect Six-Pack

And there we are with our favorite topic: the six-pack . Many men train hard in order to finally be able to belong to the group of those who wear washboard abs. The problem: Most of the time it is not due to the missing abdominal muscles, but to a (mostly small) layer of fat that lies over the muscles.

So doing more sit-ups and more sit-ups here is absolutely pointless – the six-pack won’t come out that way. What helps here? Either a change in diet to reduce the percentage of body fat or additional cardio units.

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