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CoolSculpting: the solution when diet and exercise aren’t working

Of course, with diet and exercise, you will achieve even better aesthetic results, as the benefits of CoolSculpting will never compare to those that a healthy living will bring you.

What is CoolSculpting?

This 2010 Food and Drug Administration approved technique is non-surgical and will not only help you lose the fat that is not getting you your dream six pack , but it can also remove the fat that builds up superficially in your body. other areas: the pectorals, the back of the thighs, the jowls or even in the lower part of the arms, etc. To do this, this treatment uses controlled cold (because it detects when the skin becomes too cold) to work the subcutaneous fat, that is to say to crystallize or freeze it, so that the cells are thus destroyed. and that over time the body processes it and, in the end, the dead cells are eliminated. In addition, unlike other systems, it does not involve needle puncture and its scientific basis derives from the studies of Dieter Manstein and R. Rox. Anderson in cryolipolysis which shows that prolonged exposure of the skin to cold can have an effect on the tissues without damaging the surface layer to remove fat. Cool, isn’t it?

young woman getting cryolipolyse treatment in cosmetic cabinet

How is the CoolSculpting treatment carried out? Does it hurt ?

Don’t worry, there are already many centers around the world that offer CoolSculpting sessions. In fact, they exist in over 74 countries. The first thing you will need to do is make an appointment to be evaluated and they will tell you what areas they can work with you. You should consider that in order to get results you may need to attend more than one session. They can last between half an hour and about 75 minutes. Then you will be placed on a gel pad, you will feel the intense cold through an applicator (which can be superficial or suction) which is placed on the fat to be reduced (in areas such as the abdomen, legs or arms). With the suction applicator, you will feel that the skin is pinched or pulled. Nothing that you cannot tolerate, other than the fact that the temperature at one point during the treatment numbs the area.

As for recovery and side effects

As with any outpatient cosmetic treatment, it is not expected that you will be unable to perform your usual activities, although the procedure may leave some common effects such as redness, swelling, bleaching, bruising, cramping, itching, or numbness of the skin. skin . Other, more rare, but common effects may occur: delayed pain, cold burns, vasovagal symptoms (e.g. pale skin or nausea), hyperpigmentation (increased coloring of the skin), paradoxical hyperplasia (hardening of the skin). fat in localized areas), hardening of the skin or hernias. Beauty is expensive!

And the supposed results

You will start to notice the changes two to six months after starting treatment, but even after treatment is finished, you will continue to shed fat cells for another six months or so. Research on cryolipolysis suggests that this procedure can reduce subcutaneous fat by up to 25%. It can also help you reduce the appearance of cellulite. Be careful, this is not a treatment focused on obese people because it will not make you lose weight and it will not be viable for this purpose.

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Most people who want to reduce fat in certain areas could use it. Those who should not undergo the treatment are:

  • Obese people
  • People with cryoglobulinemia (blood proteins that thicken in the cold)
  • People with cryoagglutinin (a type of autoimmune disease)
  • People with paroxysmal cryohemoglobinuria (a disease of the red blood cells)
  • people with poor muscle tone
  • People who get hives with the cold

It is worth a try if …

You don’t want to undergo surgical or invasive treatment and don’t need long recovery periods.

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