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How to Download VIP Notes 9.9.67 APK for FREE

The application allows you to store formatted text and files attached to notes in encrypted form, arranging them in a hierarchical form inside folders like a file system, but all data and files are stored in a single database file, and the size of attached files is limited only by the capabilities of your device. 

It has built-in viewers for images, videos, text, html and pdf files. Restricts access to selected folders and notes.

Additional information:

  • encryption with modern AES-256 algorithm
  • selectively enable encryption for each note
  • grouping notes into folders
  • attaching files to notes
  • viewing and editing some types of attached files (text, html, images, video, pdf) inside the application
  • text formatting
  • widgets and shortcuts to notes or their attachments
  • adding your own icons
  • set of color themes
  • reminders
  • categories (tags)
  • choice of password input method (digital/full/pattern 3×3/pattern 4×4)
  • quick login (short password/fingerprint scanner/biometrics)
  • erasing data with a large number of erroneous passwords
  • separate password for inconspicuous data erasing
  • time blocking
  • backup, including automatic scheduled
  • import text and files from other applications
  • sorting for each folder separately
  • Samsung DEX support
  • does not contain ads (even trial version)
  • does not require internet access

Trial version limitations:

  • maximum folders: 3
  • maximum files per line: 1
  • file attachment: only gallery photo and camera image allowed
  • blocked loading of their icons
  • locked section [automation] (scheduled backup, etc.)
  • blocked sending / receiving backups to other applications (for example, cloud storage, except for Google Drive)
  • functions [cancel/return] of the entered text are blocked

Some explanation:

  • encryption is disabled by default!
  • to encrypt notes, you need to set your password
  • note encryption is enabled in the note editing window.
  • the body of the note and attached files are encrypted, the name of the note is not encrypted!
  • attached files are encrypted if encryption is enabled for the note they are attached to


  • Fix disabling reminders in a note when moving a note or folder to trash

Developer: Ogroman
Supported OS: Android 6.0+
Publication type: Pro
Root rights: Not required
Interface language: Russian, English, German, etc.

Download from Yandex disk

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