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Zayn Malik Drops Sensational Urdu Single: One Direction Fans Ecstatic

Zayn Malik’s recent partnership with the popular Pakistani band Aur has sparked excitement among fans, especially those thrilled to discover the British singer’s proficiency in Urdu.

In a revamped version of Aur’s hit track “Tu Hai Kahan,” the former One Direction vocalist showcases his Urdu singing skills. While the original song boasts over 95 million views, the newly released remake is rapidly gaining traction, accumulating 3 million views since its launch last Friday.

Expressing his gratitude, Malik shared how humbled he felt when Aur approached him for the collaboration. “I love the song and have infused my own touch into it. I hope people appreciate what we’ve created,” he remarked.

Despite being born in Bradford, England, the 31-year-old artist has Urdu roots, as his father is a Pakistani immigrant to the UK.

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The online reception of the song has been overwhelmingly positive, with social media users urging Malik to produce more Urdu songs. One X user commented, “Some languages just evoke emotions… I hope [Zayn] releases more songs fully in Urdu.”

Urdu-speaking fans also rejoiced in the collaboration, with one describing it as a “gift for his fellow Pakistanis.” Another X user enthusiastically stated, “Desi girls, wake up, Zayn Malik’s one Urdu verse literally changed our lives.”

Zayn Malik’s musical journey began in 2010 as part of the boy band One Direction, formed on the British TV music competition The X Factor. His debut album, “Mind of Mine,” was released in 2016, and his 2021 album, “Nobody is Listening,” featured a song with Urdu lyrics.

Aur, consisting of members Ahad, Usama, and Raffey, sees this collaboration as a testament to the idea that “music has no boundaries.” The Karachi-based band, despite entering Pakistan’s music scene in 2020, has already achieved success in the region with their blend of R&B an

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