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815ayoko dropped his EP ON ALL PLATFORMS – MELODY GIFTED

Ayoko is a 21-year-old singer from Streator, Illinois. By driving and loving his art work. We just had to meet a little Illinois talent before he left. Compared to the Polo G after Ayoko released her new video “Taurus already has 150 views on YouTube. It has an attractive hook that will make fans swell and bleed. Ayoko has been featured on major online blogs such as Genius & Elevator.

And that’s why it’s no surprise that he’s not going the expected way to release his album after a few fun single tracks. At a time when independent artists are deciding how, when, and what they are giving up, we must distance ourselves from the expected expectations

Instead, we should celebrate the artist who has found his creative freedom in the modern music industry and has developed his own style. Early pioneers broke free from strong prejudice in the hip-hop community. Topics such as depression, pain or substance abuse will not go into the mainstream music in the last 10 years. Ayoko owns a legacy while creating her own, breaking other rules that define the style and writing of her own story.

The new generation understands her beauty and art better than the older generations and finds it easier to detect it with the help of a virus.

One of Ayoko’s main focus of her work is to connect and promote the “more resurrected generation” of young people. To do this, He uses his music platform to reach thousands of young people who can take something good or meaningful away from his art form.

Artfully crafted songs tell of some of the major challenges young people face in today’s world. Being faithful to Ayoko’s music not only made him grow as a musician, but also enabled him to be a role model for many young people around him. Joshua wants to continue to encourage and give people something they can understand, and his future projects will touch on many of the challenges and challenges of life.

Check here for all the platform.

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