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Belgian protesters burn down police station after black migrant dies

In Brussels, Belgium, protesters burned down a police station building over the death of a black migrant who died after being detained by law enforcement officers. This is reported by the BX1 edition.

It is noted that about 400 people took part in the demonstration. At first, the action began peacefully, but then escalated into clashes with the police. Law enforcers were forced to use a water cannon, and the protesters, for their part, threw stones at the police. In addition, there were several fires, including at the police station.

The protests were triggered by the death of a 23-year-old black migrant named Ibrahim on January 9. He tried to escape during the check, which was carried out against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he was caught. On the way to the station, the young man lost consciousness, he was taken to the hospital, where he died. protesters blame the police for the death of the migrant.

As a result of the pogroms, according to the head of the administration of the Brussels commune of Saint-Josse Emir Kir on Twitter , more than 70 people were arrested. Currently, the protest action has already ended.

Edmund Hurtt
Edmund Hurtt
Edmund is an accomplished writer whose diverse portfolio spans across various genres and subjects. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, he effortlessly navigates through the realms of fiction, non-fiction, and journalistic pieces. As a regular contributor to City Telegraph, Edmund continues to challenge boundaries and expand horizons.

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