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Israel Boosts Ukraine’s Defense: UN Reveals Missile System Transfer

During the UN General Assembly session, Israel’s Representative to the UN, Gilad Erdan, disclosed that Israel is actively engaged in the development and provision of early warning mechanisms to assist Ukraine in detecting missile and drone attacks. Erdan underscored Israel’s commitment to aiding Ukraine by highlighting the dispatch of over 100 tons of humanitarian aid within the first week of Russia’s invasion in February 2022. Additionally, he noted that hundreds of Ukrainians have received medical treatment and rehabilitation in Israeli hospitals.

The Israeli diplomat went on to assert that Iran is supplying drones to Russia for deployment in the ongoing conflict on Ukrainian territory.

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In a separate development, the District Court in Tel Aviv has taken steps to enhance the conditions for Ukrainian refugees in Israel. Under the new regulations, all refugees arriving from Ukraine will be granted type 2A5 visas, providing them with entitlements such as employment opportunities, medical insurance, and the ability to open bank accounts. These visas are set to remain valid until December 31, 2024, with the option for an extension.

Furthermore, Ukrainians in Israel falling under the collective protection directive are eligible to obtain type 2A5 visas, with issuance anticipated no later than March 3, 2024. Interested Ukrainian citizens can submit visa applications at the offices of the Population and Immigration Authority.

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