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Ukraine: 700 Glide Bomb Strikes in Week, Defense Requires Plane Elimination

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified with Russia’s deployment of glide bombs, posing significant challenges to Ukrainian defenses.

What are Glide Bombs

Glide bombs are munitions designed to be released from aircraft and glide toward their targets, enabling Russia to strike Ukrainian forces from safer distances.

Russia’s Tactics

Russia employs glide bombs as a strategic tool to maintain aerial superiority while inflicting damage on Ukrainian positions.

Ukrainian Struggles

Ukraine faces difficulties in countering glide bombs due to the necessity of shooting down aircraft before bomb release, stretching its air defense capabilities.

Frequency of Attacks

Recent reports indicate a surge in glide bomb attacks, with Ukraine enduring 700 strikes within six days.

Strategic Importance

Glide bombs play a crucial role in Russia’s military strategy, allowing them to advance while causing devastation to Ukrainian infrastructure.

Military Implications

The relentless use of glide bombs by Russia undermines Ukraine’s defenses and threatens its territorial integrity.

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Ukrainian Response

Despite efforts to down Russian aircraft, Ukraine grapples with limited ammunition and air defense supplies, highlighting the urgent need for support.

Need for Support

Ukraine urges international assistance, particularly for advanced air defense systems like Patriot missiles, to safeguard its territory and civilian populations.

International Concerns

The widespread use of glide bombs raises international alarm, as it could lead to further escalation and destabilization beyond the region.


The proliferation of glide bombs in the conflict underscores the urgency for concerted international action to support Ukraine’s defense capabilities and mitigate the humanitarian toll of the crisis.

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