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    Tesla to recall 135,000 cars because of possible malfunction in screens

    Because the US motor authority is threatening trouble, Tesla is recalling its Model S and Model X, which have been affected by a safety-related problem for some time.

    Tesla is now following a request from the US traffic authority NHTSA and is recalling numerous vehicles due to possible malfunctions in the control software. Tesla is thus anticipating a mandatory recall.

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    Flash memory fails

    According to a letter from the NHTSA dated Tuesday, February 2, 2021, almost 135,000 Tesla Model S and Model X (test) from model years 2012 to 2018 are affected. Flash memory can fail in these vehicles, which leads to the failure of the control screen. The malfunctions had already been reported in autumn 2019 .

    Without this function, the cars no longer meet the US safety standards for motor vehicles (“Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards”, or “FMVSS” for short). The failure of the reversing camera and the defrosting or defrosting function of the vehicle heating system are classified as dangerous. It is also unacceptable that the “autopilot function” of the assistance system is then disrupted and the acoustic flashing display and warning tones are no longer output.

    The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) announced last month that it was in contact with the US supervisory authority NHTSA on the subject and that it had initiated the examination, but to this day without any result.


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