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Xiaomi plans to bring Air charge technology

Xiaomi has presented an experimental system that can charge cell phones from several meters away. The technology is obviously not ready for the market.

Xiaomi is working on wireless charging technology that can charge devices such as smartphones from several meters away. In a blog post, the company introduces a large white box that charges devices in the room – even when they are in use.

This technique, called Mi Air Charge, is experimental. Xiaomi will not launch a product with Mi Air Charge this year , the Chinese company confirmed to The Verge .

In principle, Xiaomi’s remote charging should work by beamforming a phase control array of 144 antennas that sends millimeter waves to the phone. The device to be charged must also be equipped with a special antenna array so that charging works with up to 5 watts. The telephone communicates its position in the room via a beacon. According to Xiaomi, several devices could even be charged at the same time.

In addition to smartphones, the remote loading design could also be suitable for smart watches and other wearables. Speakers and smart home products could also be equipped with compatible antennas.

Through objects

According to Xiaomi , charging efficiency is not reduced if there are objects between the charging base and the device to be charged. Accordingly, Mi Air Charge could also work through walls and people.

Xiaomi has already presented several advances in charging technology for smartphones. In addition to particularly fast wired charging, the company is also interested in wireless charging technology for short distances. The “Mi Wireless Charging Technology” shown at the end of 2020 pumps around 80 watts wirelessly into the smartphone battery. However, comparable techniques from Xiaomi have only been built into a few smartphones.

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