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Donald Trump is considering opening his own social network

The hypothesis was put forward in an interview, but he had already foreshadowed it in early January after his account was suspended from Twitter. Here are the social projects of the former president of the United States

Donald Trump has not yet publicly stated whether he will try to reapply for the presidency of the United States in 2024, but in the meantime he suggests that he could open his own social network . He said this in an interview with the Newsmax network , returning to the controversy he had had in recent months with Twitter (“I will not return to Twitter,” said Trump): the platform had blacked out his account in the aftermath of the invasion of a crowd of rioting in the Capitol on 6 January. Trump thus opened to the possibility of creating his own platform: “There is also the other option of building our own site,” he added, reiterating the “great consensus” he enjoys among the Republican electorate., Trump got 74 million popular votes, but did not reveal if he is thinking of running for the White House again: “It’s too early to tell, but I see big polls.”

Trump and his way of using social media

Donald Trump had mixed up the clichés of political communication by widely using social media, Twitter in particular, for direct messages. As the presidential election campaign kicked off last year, on May 26, 2020, the platform first flagged a tweet as controversial.with the subject of the postal vote in which President Trump raised the possibility of a distorted vote. From then on, the dispute escalated to Twitter’s suspension, which became permanent. However, Trump had already anticipated January 9 in a tweet removed almost immediately from the platform, not before being fixed in widespread screenshots, that he would try to build his own social platform since “Twitter had gone even further in the censorship of freedom of word”. (Interesting: For the first time in US history: Trump gets the second impeachment)

Can social networks become a weapon?

The controversy over censorship / freedom of speech also mounted following the ban on the Parler platform which became a meeting point for pro-Trump supporters. When in early January the heart of US politics was stormed by mobsters, several voices expressed the opinion that the platform had somehow favored those instances of riot by hosting messages on its message boards without applying any form of control or moderation . On the other hand, the platform defended itself by arguing that censorship should not apply to free expression .

The story of Parler

Meanwhile, a few days ago Parler came back online thanks to another provider, after Amazon Web Service had cut the hosting service in the aftermath of the raid on Capitol Hill. We cannot speak for now of a full return: although subscribers are again able to publish content and interact with others, the creation of new accounts is currently still on standby. Furthermore, Google and Apple have not reported the applications for Android and iOS on their respective official stores (which results in the fact that users have to perform the sideloading, or manual installation on devices). Parler, who calls himself “the social network for free speech”, also has a new CEO: Mark Meckler, former founder of the political group Tea Party Patriots. The platform’s new homepage hosts its new logo, redesigned to mark a new beginning, as well as some declarations of intent regarding the desire to protect privacy and freedom of expression by any means possible. Without leaving anything to chance, not even in terms of safety and ethical standards, so much so that from this point of view an enhancement is expected through verified users, the Verified Parler Citizen.

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