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    Elon Musk’s girlfriend earned $5.8 million in 20 minutes using NFT

    Canadian singer Grimes, who gave birth to her son X Æ A-12 last May, made $ 5.8 million in 20 minutes by releasing her own collection of NFT tokens.

    The presentation of the collection took place at the Nifty Gateway site. The tokens were tied to four drawings that the artist created in collaboration with her brother, digital artist Mac Boucher.

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    The drawings tell the story of a goddess struggling with decadence in a fictional world.

    Grimes decided to sell 100 copies of each drawing, citing their starting price at $ 20.

    To buy the singer’s work, you had to subscribe to the lot and offer your price. The winner was chosen at random.

    More than 13 thousand people subscribed to each lot of the artist. Each of the 400 lots was sold for an average of $ 100,000.

    The most expensive work was the drawing “Death of the Old” – orig), which was sold for $ 389 thousand.

    The high price is due to the fact that the drawing was accompanied by an exclusive demo track from Grimes.

    The artist will donate part of her earnings to Carbon 180, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.

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