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Do you want to go into space for free? Then apply now!

The Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is looking for eight people to accompany him on his private trip with the SpaceX rocket around the moon. You can apply now. 

With the SpaceX rocket into space?

SpaceX boss and visionary Elon Musk presented the first paying space tourist back in 2018: Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese entrepreneur and e-commerce billionaire. Back then, he bought all the seats on board the SpaceX rocket. Maezawa originally planned to take six to eight artists on board his private moon mission, which is due to start in 2023.

Once in a blue moon

But then he asked himself the question: What is an artist anyway? A dancer, a singer, a writer? Maezawa decided that anyone who is creative in any way counts as an artist to him. The billionaire is now offering everyone the unique chance of a free week-long trip to the moon.

Two key criteria for participation

There are two criteria that you must meet in order to participate in the Moon Mission: First, you should be able to push the boundaries of the creative activity that you are in to help other people and society. 

Second, you need to support other crew members who share the same innovative endeavors.

The special thing about the moon mission

For the first time in human history, a spaceship will fly behind the moon and make a loop around it. So you could be one of those people who have advanced further into space than anyone before you. If you are lucky, you can experience an “earth rise” instead of a sunrise on the return flight. 

The application: you have to do that

You can apply for the flight into space on the dearMoon website until March 14th. After you have registered, you will receive an email with all the important information about the selection process. A personalized candidate business card is included. 

Maezawa has already received over 100,000 applications from 216 countries for its   #dearMoon mission. Most applicants so far come from India, Japan, the USA, Great Britain and France. The first selection process will take place until March 21st. The last job interviews and a medical check-up are planned for the end of May. (Also read: Tesla Model 2: Elon Musk plans first electric car for less than 25,000 euros )

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