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Now you can buy an island in the Bahamas

St. Andrews, the largest private island in the archipelago south of Miami, has just been auctioned off.

An island in the Bahamas all to yourself: who doesn’t dream of it, especially in these pandemic times when space and nature have become the most precious assets? For those who can afford it, the the heaven you can buy : it was just auctioned the largest private island in the south of Miami or St. Andrews , also known as Little Ragged Island . The auction will open on March 26, and there is no basis, although it is speculated that it will start at 19 and a half million dollars , as Concierge Auctions specifies., one of the most prestigious auction houses in the world holding the sale. A price all in all also low for this idyllic island practically still virgin even if privately owned (no one knows who): almost 300 hectares surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas in the world and 9 kilometers of white sand beaches , so far. known only to inveterate explorers who arrive by boat (the only possible way since there is no airport) to snorkel, walk, fish (it seems that the snappers are amazing).

Those who buy it will be able to do what they want with it, even if – as specified in the announcement – Little Ragged Island has all the credentials to host the most luxurious of the resorts: it is ten minutes by boat from Ragged Island, where there is also an airport, it offers shallow waters on the west side ideal for bathing and deep enough on the east side to dock large yachts or ships. The land, then, is fertile and suitable for building, and there is enough space to even set up an 18-hole golf course.

It cannot be ruled out, however, that the island simply becomes the good retreat of an American billionaire: Little Ragged Island is not the first nor the only tropical paradise for sale, and in times of pandemic the demand for private islands in the United States has risen sharply. “We are seeing a significant increase in buyer and seller interest in these kinds of upscale tropical destinations over the past year,” said Laura Brady, CEO and co-founder of Concierge at Mansion Global . “Clearly this is the time to find your own personal paradise.” Sure, for those who can.

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