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Amazon Echo Show 10: A smart speaker disguised as a surveillance camera

Amazon has given its smart speaker a fundamental update. The new Echo Show 10 not only responds to calls, it also has a rotatable display that can officially be used as a surveillance camera.

“Designed to follow your movements.” What previously sounded like an advertising slogan for video cameras is the main selling point for the new Amazon Echo Show 10 . In the latest version, the online mail order company has virtually reinvented its smart speaker . The rectangular, compact box became a spherical loudspeaker with a display mounted on the side. The highlight: the screen cannot just be tilted. It moves automatically so that it is always in the user’s field of vision. 

Amazon Echo Show 10 costs just under 250 euros

Amazon had already presented the completely renewed Echo devices in September 2020, only the start of sales in Germany and the price remained open. After the Echo Show 10 has been available in the USA for some time, advance sales are now also starting in this country. The third generation devices will be delivered from April 14, 2021 .
This means that the new edition is twice as expensive as the previous model in the conventional design: You can buy the Echo Show 8 for 102.99 euros on Amazon here. The interest in the new device, which is available in anthracite and white, seems to be great. The Echo Show 10 was number one on the German sales charts for Amazon devices on Thursday.

The technical highlights of the intelligent loudspeaker

Amazon’s smart home technology had initially scored thanks to the operation by calling. Now the contactless display alignment is added. According to the manufacturer, this should be particularly practical when making video calls with friends and family. The 13 MP wide-angle camera, the automatic image adjustment and the motion function would ensure that the user always remains in the center. If desired, the 10.1-inch HD screen can also rotate automatically so that series or recipes remain in view while you tidy up, play sports or switch from the stove to the worktop while cooking. (Also interesting: Raids and charges: crypto phone provider Sky Global is offline )

Use the Amazon Echo Show 10 as a surveillance camera

The new smart speaker always keeps an eye on you – and thus automatically becomes a surveillance camera. “You can use the integrated camera at any time via secure remote access to monitor your home via the Alexa app or other Echo Show devices,” says the product description from Amazon. The Echo Show 10 also controls smart home devices such as front door cameras, lamps or thermostats via Alexa 
If you prefer to be unobserved at home, you can deactivate the movement function, according to Amazon . The microphone and camera can therefore be switched off at the push of a button. As usual, additional security is provided by a manual cover that can be pushed in front of the camera lens.
Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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