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Microsoft shares weaker: data from millions of LinkedIn users discovered online

Once again, information from millions of users of the LinkedIn career network has been discovered in a hacker forum.

According to the platform belonging to Microsoft , it is publicly available data that was extracted via automated queries from LinkedIn and other websites. According to its own information, the seller is offering 700 million records for sale without a price. According to LinkedIn, they are partly identical to the 500 million data records that were discovered online at the beginning of April.

LinkedIn emphasised that no private information of members was affected. Basic information such as full name and e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth or the city in which one lives are often used in online networks to clearly identify acquaintances and friends.

They are usually not visible to other users, but can be compared via computer interfaces. However, online criminals repeatedly found ways to access the information on a large scale using automated queries. This technique is known as scraping. The platforms are taking action against this – but once the data is in circulation, its dissemination can hardly be stopped.

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On Facebook, for example, information such as telephone numbers and email addresses were stolen from hundreds of millions of users by mis-using the friend search function before the platform closed a loophole in the summer of 2019. Since then, these data sets have appeared again and again on the Internet.

Microsoft shares are at times 0.39 percent weaker at $ 270.34 in early NASDAQ trading.

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